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ECS has the ability to provide a complete range of products and services, as outlined below:

Design and engineering

A good system design is a pre-requisite for the successful execution of a project. With a qualified team of design professionals, ECS has the expertise and manpower to provide custom design solutions for any Exterior Building Envelope. Using 3D modeling combined with 3D printing capabilities ECS is able to quickly and efficiently provides its customers with clear design solutions, including prototypes of a variety of custom sections and profiles, to ensure proper fitting and functioning of the system. Our strength is to combine multiple Enclosure Systems into one integrated Design. ECS has substantial experience in participating in Design Assist Projects, as well as a proven track record in dealings with reviewing agencies including  OSHPD,  GSA, DSA and  NYDOB.

aluminum panel systems

ECS has various Proprietary Aluminum Composite Metal and Solid Panel Systems that have been successfully Manufactured and Installed on various Landmark Status projects. Systems include Dry-Fit, Rain Screen and Wet Seal Applications. ECS is hands on involved throughout all phases of the project, from Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation Coordination.  ECS is utilizing CNC router tables and Roll form equipment to tightly control tolerances.  All manufacturing activities are performed within ECS’ facility. For ACM projects ECS is collaborating with worldwide ACM suppliers including Reynobond, Alucobond and Alpolic.

PHENOLIC panel systems

ECS has the ability to design and manufacture phenolic panel systems. Systems include concealed fastener design, exposed fastener design and planks systems. ECS can provide the complete back up system and all accessories as required for the complete installation. ECS is hands on involved throughout all phases of the project, from Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation Coordination.  ECS is utilizing CNC router tables to tightly control tolerances. All manufacturing activities for our phenolic assemblies are performed within ECS’ facility.

fiber cement panel systems

With a dedicated CNC router for fibercement panel systems ECS can design and manufacture fibercement panel systems from any of the world leading suppliers. Systems include concealed fastener systems as well as exposed fasteners systems and can be customized as required to the specific requirements of the project. Our hands on involvement throughout all phases of the project, from initial design through installation coordination is what sets us apart from our competitors. We are not just a manufacturer , we work hand in hand with our customers from start to finish to maximize efficiency. 

glazing systems

ECS can provide any type of glazing system fully or partially customized to meet the specific requirements and complexity that are unique for each Project. ECS has several storefront and curtain wall systems that have undergone rigorous testing as part of full size Project Performance Mock Ups. Similar to Metal Panel Systems, ECS is in charge of all Design and Engineering activities for the Glazing Systems from start to finish, including submittal approvals by third party reviewers, if applicable. Depending on the size of the Project, ECS performs manufacturing and Assembly Activities within ECS’ facility or,  works and in hand with local manufacturing companies, under ECS’ supervision.